My Poems

Eulogizing Our Love…

I used to believe you were all I needed to get by.
I used to believe it was you who gave me the strength to fly.
I let you swim inside my womb,
filling me with your seed in hopes that whatever it held would linger on in me.
Not knowing that it was ripping me to shreds.
I inhaled you and I wanted to feel.
I wrapped my legs around all the self doubt and pain of your sex
And gave birth to my self hatred and denial.
Now I am left with cleaning up the left over after birth of missed
opportunities, a love gone sour and tons of regret.
I used to believe that you were all I needed.
That you gave me the wings and courage to fly…

By: Marquetta Marshall


2 comments on “My Poems

  1. intriguing ma…..

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