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So to start things off I am a 32 year old woman who is attempting to strike out in life and make my mark on life.  I don’t want to leave the world without making sure that my life has meant something.  Even if I only impact two or three people I feel like that will have made a difference.

I enjoy doing anything that makes me laugh and allows me to be surrounded by my friends and family.  Not don’t get me wrong there are certain people in my family that I wouldn’t want to spend any more time with them than is required.  But there are those in my family that I just love to be with.  Like my brother for instance.  He is one of my best friends in life.  And then there is my sister, her husband and my nieces and nephew.  Love, Love, Love them!  But enough about that!

I am setting out to blog everyday about my journey on becoming the business savy person that I know that I am and the craziness that goes along with it.  Like trying to hold my household together, be a mother to two beautiful children and be a wonderful wife.  Simply right.  Not so much!  Hence the reason for the subtitle of my blog, “You think you know.  You have know idea!”  Well welcome along for the journey and please let me know what you think.


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