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Why Not? 2014 Goals…

do one thing...

In life we can constantly come up with reasons why things will not work out.  Why we cannot do, go and live our lives.  What if there was nothing holding you back?  What if the one thing that you feared the most no longer existed?  What if you actually finally realized that you are just as great and powerful as you dream you can be? What if you could accomplish all your life goals because there was nothing you were afraid of? What if…you actually faced your fear and said to life…Why Not?! I can do this!

So here is what I propose we do. We should come up with a list of all the things that we thought we could not do or
things that scare us and picked one to do everyday.  Get a jar, a box, a bowl, a Ziploc bag even or just simply right them down in list form and scratch them off.  However, I suggest  (for more success) you write them down and cut them up into strips of paper.  That way you can just select one and then just do it.  The thing is whatever you pick you have to do it.  You cannot double dip and select one that better goes with you for the day.  That is not facing your fears.

Imagine what you can accomplish when the things on the list are no longer the things that are holding you back!!


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