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I Dare You…I Double Dog Dare You…!

If you are old enough to remember saying these words to your friends then you know where I am going with this.  If not let me let you in on what my title means.  When I was little my brother and/or friends would get these crazy ideas to try things that we knew we probably were not supposed to do; however we would tell each other, “I Dare YOU and more than likely someone else would chime in I Double Dog Dare YOU! Essentially when someone Double Dog Dared you then it was an unspoken code amongst all kids that you had to do it no matter what.  If not then you were considered a punk or chicken and probably ridiculed by everyone you knew.  As kids we saw these “Misson Impossible” acts that we were being dared to try as exciting and we would even seek out these crazy things to do.

WHY?! Because we lived life without any boundaries and we dared anyone tell us we couldn’t do the things that came into our minds.

Now let’s fast forward 20+ years and say those same exact words to someone about living their life with no boundaries or laughing in the face of someone who dares tell them they can’t. The person that you are now if they have been conditioned by the world to believe that they cannot achieve the life goals that they dream of says, ” No thanks…Your probably right…or even I have too many responsibilities to even think crazy like that.”  We don’t even dare ourselves anymore to dream or try and accomplish those “Mission Impossible” acts. I can write this because I too have sat down on the side of the track and become a spectator in my life. I too have stopped Double Dog Daring myself to live my life without boundaries.

So with that said I am challenging you, I am throwing down the gauntlet and I Double DOG DARE YOU to live your life without boundaries and complete an impossible mission of not giving up on yourself in 2013!


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