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Coming Full Circle or Not…


Image by island home via Flickr

There is a scene in one of my favorite movies ( The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood) where Ellen Burstyn is told by her friend that, “One day everybody’s bill comes due,”  that keeps resonating in my mind and keeping me from sleeping.  Just those simple words makes me think back on this year and really think things through.  I have done some things, said somethings, thought somethings, and even went to the extent of laying out a well crafted plan on somethings that I know were not (as we Southern Baptist say) Christian like.  Whether I thought I was right in the face of that mountain or whatever had me over the top that day it still does not negate the fact that everybody’s bill comes due one day.  And I better have the money to pay the piper when that time comes.

See even when we do things that are probably with good intentions we need to stop, meditate (something I need to learn to do) on it, and then react.  Our words and our actions are something that will live on and will follow us.  Our words and our actions can lead us down a path that we never intended to go down.  We have to carefully choose our next move because every action on our part or someone elses always, always, always causes a reaction.  And we have to remember that, “One day everybody’s bill comes due!”

So on this rainy Christmas morning I want to say that I know I am not perfect (never claimed to be), I am flawed beyond belief, but I am here.  I am here ready to make a change and ready to cast all the things aside that would make my bill at the end higher than a giraffe’s neck.  Just as Whoopi Goldberg said in the movie Color Purple, “Thank God I’m Here” because now I can come full circle or not…


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