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Don’t Shout Until I Tell You To!

I can only imagine what will happen next this week.  First snow hits the great state of Alabama, my husband gets snowed in at his job in Tupelo, MS (haven’t seen him since Sunday), the kids are out of school again tomorrow and I woke up with a migraine headache this morning.  Isn’t life just grand!  I was not able to even begin to be productive until around 4 pm.  Which meant that half,  no all of the daylight hours that could have been used for working were gone.  So yet another day gone and nothing was really accomplished.  Wow!  However, I was able to finally finish washing the dishes and mop the kitchen floor. 

I think tomorrow I will actually attempt to try work on finish building my website and actually come up with a price list for my services.  Also, I think I will try to workout for bit.  Okay, maybe come up with a workout plan (to be more realistic).  Considering I have not worked out in only God knows when.  I think I might even need to consult with a physician.  LMAO!  We will see what happens in the circus of a life that I have.  Because who knows with the way things are going hell you just can never tell.  Until tomorrow  I bid you all farewell.

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