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Day Two: Status Report

I can not believe that snow has hit Alabama. Insanity has consumed half the people I know causing them to go out and stock up on bread and milk. It is funny because usually I would have been the first person in line but this time I was sure they were joking. Needless to say I was one of the last minute idiots running to the store mad as hell that they were out of my 2% milk and honey wheat bread. But I couldn’t be too mad because if I had been consumed by the insanity as well I would have my milk and bread. So basically I did not put forth any effort towards my business needs today.

However, I did tackle trying to better manage my time and delegating more chores to the little people (kids) to help out around the house. That however requires a whole other blog to itself.

I must say all in all today was interesting and semi-productive. But hey there is always tomorrow. Rome wasn’t built in one day. Until tomorrow I bid you good bye.

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